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Health Specialty Clinic

Our vision for a healthcare system that prioritizes wellness of mind, body and spirit, and preventive care for all

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An Environment for 

Hope and Healing

"The Health Specialty Clinic concept draws upon my 20+ years of experience working with effective, non-traditional modalities around the globe to address disease and the associated risk factors."



Garden Path


Healing Gardens

The Health Specialty Clinic will include The Healing Gardens, 3.5 acres  of walking trails and meditative space featuring flora and landscapes reflective of the Seven Continents.

The Health Specialty Clinic will offer a spectrum of approaches, or Programs of Influence, enabling tailored, patient-centered care. Programs of influence are administered by a team of professionals in seven Health Specialty Clinics, starting with six core influences provided to all patients as an introduction to our approach.

Health Specialty Clinics

Hypertension Management 

Cholesterol Management 

Weight Management 

Diabetes Management 

Tobacco Cessation

Women’s Health Assessment & Management 

Men’s Health Assessment & Management 

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The facility will be equipped with a gym, industrial size kitchen, conference rooms, exam rooms, and other services.

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A new future is within reach. 

Those of us with the resources to do so have a great calling upon us to serve our communities by removing obstacles and barriers for hard-working families who have been underserved for too long. Together, we can foster an entirely new mindset for healthcare in our communities, creating new family legacies, and impacting generations to come.

  • Land has been purchased and site identified.

  • 10% construction documents have been completed, including a schematic of the building

  • The building will be attached to a 3.5 acre walking trail outlined with the seven continents.



Anticipated revenue streams through traditional and specialty services, such as gym memberships and research participation.



5yr Cost



MAY XX, 2023

Join us online to learn more about how we can work together to transform legacies for

thousands of Georgians.

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