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Let's make heart disease prevention accessible for every West Georgian.

Undetected heart disease is a massive problem everywhere.

But together, we can solve this challenge for every West Georgian. Join us as we take high-quality, preventive healthcare to those in our community who are most affected.

Let's heal our community, one heart at a time! 

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100% of your gift to The Rouse Foundation, an IRS-authorized public charity, goes directly toward our strategic community programs.

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For too many, heart disease leads to inability to work, insurmountable medical costs, financial devastation that can last for generations, and most tragically, the untimely death of loved ones.

The Rouse Foundation delivers free, high-quality medical services directly to the communities most in need of accessible, preventive care. This year alone (2022), our outreach has impacted nearly 1,000 individuals in our region. When we all work together, we can help so many more. Our campaign goal will enable us to reach another 1,200 individuals and their households!

This is a challenge that affects all of us, so let's solve it together!

90,000+ people in the West Georgia counties of Carroll, Douglas, and Haralson are at risk of a crisis due to undetected heart disease. We're on a mission to change that.

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When you launch your crowdfunding page, getting friends and family to join the cause is easy! Your pre-built page is all set with a goal of $500--that means you could help 20 individuals receive preventive healthcare they could not afford on their own!

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Every gift goes directly toward transforming our community. 


100% of your gift to The Rouse Foundation goes directly toward our strategic community programs.

When you crowdfund with us in the Big Hearts Campaign, you can easily connect friends and family

with our mission, too!

Doctor's Visit

Community-Based Outreach

Mobile Health Clinics

This year, The Rouse Foundation served 984 people in our tri-county area through our Mobile Health Clinics, health educational seminars, and wellness programs. Our community partnerships enable us to go directly to those with the greatest need.


Early Intervention Programs

MiniChef Academy

The Rouse Foundation supports early childhood behavior intervention and provides dietary education and curriculum for youth and their families. Our pilot for the 26,000 student Douglas County School System launched  in 2022.

It's all made possible by people with Big Hearts, just like you!


Join us in the Big Hearts Campaign, and let's make 2023 our

biggest year of community impact, together!

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This is the time for your foundation or corporation to partner with us.

Together, we can transform the healthcare & wellness concept in our community.

Please contact our Development Team to schedule an executive meeting.

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