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Mini-Chef Academy

School-based dietary education and curriculum for youth and their families.

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Can you imagine

equitable, accessible healthcare for all



Our Community's Need

Generational cycles of chronic heart disease and related morbidities are best broken with education and support delivered directly to households. Rural and poverty-stricken communities are disproportionately affected by lack of healthcare education, access, and quality, and our school-based program is part of a multi-tiered solution.

Breaking the Cycle

The future of The Rouse Foundation Mini-Chef Academy includes a full suite of afterschool curriculum, family activity sheets, and immersive health science explorations with students from across the globe.


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Classroom with utensils

Reimagining Healthcare

The Rouse Foundation Mini-Chef Academy five-month afterschool program was piloted last school year with Douglas County School System for grades K-5. We celebrated our first graduating class in May 2023!

A new future is within reach. 

Those of us with the resources to do so have a great calling upon us to serve our communities by removing obstacles and barriers for hard-working families who have been underserved for too long. Together, we can foster an entirely new mindset for healthcare in our communities, creating new family legacies, and impacting generations to come.

Our pilot for the 26,000-student Douglas County School System launched  in 2022. We plan to expand our current Douglas County School System pilot program to reach the next phase of Georgia school systems in the 2023-2024 school year.






Provides for multimedia curriculum development including materials, videography, digital platform, train-the-trainer program, and marketing.

Solving these challenges takes all of us.

Give today to make the Integrated Health Clinic Concept a reality for all West Georgians. 

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