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Let's make early disease detection and prevention accessible for all.

Undetected disease is a massive problem everywhere.

But together, we can solve this challenge for every West Georgian. Join us as we take high-quality, preventive healthcare to those in our community who are most affected. Let's heal our community, one heart at a time! 

provides life-changing preventive care to one person in our community.

100% of your gift to The Rouse Foundation, an IRS-authorized public charity, goes directly toward our non-profit strategic community programs.


The Capital Campaign is not a non-profit program.

90,000+ people in the West Georgia counties of Carroll, Douglas, and Haralson are at risk of a crisis due to undetected disease. We're on a mission to change that through a cultural shift in our community.

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For too many, undetected disease leads to inability to work, insurmountable medical costs, financial devastation that can last for generations, and most tragically, the untimely death of loved ones. ​

Shifting Perspective

The Rouse Foundation is committed to building bridges to those who too often avoid the healthcare system due to mistrust, or who are faced with the unacceptable dilemma of choosing between immediate needs and long-term health care costs.


Shifting Access

The Rouse Foundation delivers free, high-quality medical services directly to communities and individuals who are too often unable to receive the level of care and compassion that meets their needs.

With the support of leaders like you, we can make the shift.

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reimagine healthcare

with us

We seek to not only relieve chronic health issues in our service communities, but to transform the American healthcare concept.


With over 20 years of experience in humanitarian medical service across the globe, we have developed a three-tiered response to the persistent cycle of chronic health issues facing West Georgians.

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The Integrated Health Clinic Concept will

  • decrease morbidity

  • decrease mortality

  • decrease healthcare costs

  • increase workforce productivity, and

  • decrease healthcare disparities


in our three-county service region.


The Three Tiers​​

Capital Campaign
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Tier One



It's time to reimagine medicine.


Located in Carrollton, GA, the P.A.C.E.D. Clinic will be a brick-and-mortar facility providing whole-person, wellness-centered services rooted in early detection and illness prevention through a spectrum of effective approaches addressing the body, mind, and spirit.


We must also reimagine healthcare access.


Made available at scale through the P.A.C.E.D. Clinic, The Rouse Foundation delivers two non-profit programs promoting early detection and illness prevention through Community-Based Outreach and Early Childhood Behavior Intervention.

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Tier Two

The Rouse Foundation

Health2U™ Mobile Health Clinics


Tax-deductible giving opportunity

In 2023, The Rouse Foundation served 2094 people in our tri-county area--a 112% increase from 2022--through our community-based pop-up clinics, health educational seminars, and wellness programs. Our mobile unit will give us more agility to go directly to those with the greatest need.

Tier Three

The Rouse Foundation

Mini-Chef Academy


Tax-deductible giving opportunity

The Rouse Foundation supports early childhood behavior intervention and provides dietary education and curriculum for youth and their families. Our pilot for the 26,000-student Douglas County School System launched  in 2022.

Solving these challenges takes all of us.

Give today to make the Integrated Health Clinic Concept a reality for all West Georgians. 

To support the Capital Campaign, contact our Development Team at  Development Team 770.328.5458

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