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Our Plan for the Future: Reimagining Healthcare

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

The Rouse Foundation has embarked on a 9-month capacity building and planning process to ensure organizational sustainability as we reaffirm our commitment to optimize health outcomes for the underserved through education, early detection, prevention and treatment.

Our 5-year strategic plan will focus on

  • Organizational Sustainability and Capacity Building

  • Fundraising and Donor Engagement

  • Branding and Communications

  • Education and Programming

  • Community Outreach and Engagement

  • Collaboration and Partnership

Our work has taken us to locations as far away as Honduras, Mexico, Nevis, and Zambia, helping build sustainable programs for people that are most in need. Now, we are focusing our efforts in the West Georgia region with a special emphasis in Carroll, Douglas and Haralson counties.

Research shows that as many as 90,000 residents in these targeted regions may unknowingly show early indicators of preventable disease, impacting local families, the workforce, and the economy. The Rouse Foundation’s goal is to reimagine healthcare and transform communities, one heart a time.



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